Top Floor in a Palace in Cimiez

The pinnacle of top floor living

Living on the top floor is a privilege. Living on the top floor of a sumptuous Belle Epoque palace on the French Riviera with a panoramic view is a prestigious honor that is rare when the market is highly competitive for top floor apartments in such sought out palaces.

This 3 bedroom top floor apartment in a renown palace in Cimiez, a residential neighborhood in Nice known for its majestic palaces where celebrities, diplomats, artists and aristocrats used to spend their stints under the basking warmth of the Mediterranean sun escaping the dreary cold weather from up north.


The elegance and charm of the golden era still permeates Cimiez palaces which all have been converted into apartments and are highly sought out as either primary residences or second vacation properties.

Modern day meets Belle Epoque

One of the distinct advantages of living in Belle Epoque homes or apartments, are the signature high ceilings and space that these properties offer.


This makes for a perfect space to create your own modern comfortable living environment, with amidst the air of vintage elegance and charm.  The larger spaces allow for large furniture pieces, especially for modern day kitchen design.

That is why when top floor properties in such type of residences become available, interested buyers jump on the chance to experience the limitless possibility of such a prestigious habitat.