The Inspiring Spring Bloom

The melody of Frank Sinatra famously singing Cole Porter’s I Love Paris in the Springtime gently resonates in the background when one thinks of springtime in France.  Perhaps Cole Porter should have come to the Cote d’Azur to see how the vivid floral blossoms illuminate every house, balcony, and every park…and perhaps the song might have been written I Love Nice in the Springtime!

Spring is perhaps the most delightful and visually engaging time to enjoy the south of France, especially when you are shopping for a new home, apartment, or villa. The reason being is that you are able to see the properties in full bloom!

The French are known to have such talented “green thumbs” when it comes to gardening and landscaping, and their passion for flowers is ever present in most parks and public areas, where carefully manicured gardens and floral decor colorfully adorn all theses cities, towns and villages along the French Riviera.

The advantage of doing your real estate shopping during this time are two-fold. Firstly, you are able to completely see the property’s full potential with outdoor areas, the natural lighting inside the home as well as the sun’s exposure on the different areas of the home. Secondly, spring is an off-season time of year which means that it is less crowded than the summer months which gives for easier driving in and around the Riviera allowing you the oppotunity to visit more homes in a shorter amount of time.  You might even find some great deals and rare finds as well.

NICE PROPERTIES currently has so many fantastic floral and landscaped properties this season along the French Riviera…come visit us and we will help you find your next garden oasis.