The Carre d’Or….Where the Heart Is

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Hallmarked by its famous black and white checkered square in the heart of Nice, the Carré d’Or still remains the most popular tourist destination in Nice as well as the most highly sought out neighborhood in the center of Nice.

Why? Because everything is here. The beach, boutiques, restaurants and cafes abound, it’s all here. You don’t even need a car, since there is a tram, and yes it’s silent.

The pedestrian zone is one of the most popular places for lunch or dinner, pizza, and just about everything else you can imagine.

An underlying sentiment that fills the air in this beautiful and colorful “quartier”, is the elegance from its past. Colorful and ornate facades of the “Niçois” style buildings ornately pristine with flowing flowers from the small balconies while the hum of tinkering wine glasses and wafting Mediterranean aromas play on your senses like a dream. It is this unforgettable ambiance that keeps drawing tourists and residents alike, and is also giving properties in this prized area positive property values and a very secure return for rental investments.

The fact that President Hollande is easing up on the capital gains tax system for exemption from 30 to 22 years, as well as all time low interest rates and very attractive mortgages, just makes this area even sweeter.