The Art of Living in Belle Epoque Style

Belle Epoque

Known as the “beautiful age”, the Belle Epoque  period (1860-1914) between the late 19th century and World War I was hallmarked by advances in medicine, technology, and innovation that gave birth to a truly aesthetic era where style, fashion, music and art prolifically bloomed and coined the French Riviera as the opulent playground for the high society elite.

The fanciful architectural styles of this creative period, parallelelling the late Victorian and Edwardian periods in the United Kingdom, were diversely influenced by European and non-Eurpoean architects and are still present today as elaborate  palaces with adorned cuppolas, detailed mouldings and intricate balconies continue to shine their exuberance and luxurious exaggeration throughout the Cote d’Azur, from Cannes to Beaulieu. I mean where else would could you properly host Queen Victoria and her artistocratic accolades for a brief winter stint?

The spirt of this optimistic and inspiring era boasting with cabarets, Italian operettas, haute couture, Absinthe-imbued Art Nouveau, and swanky exclusive to-be-seen restaurants and soirees, is what continues to engage so many people to buy and live in these authentically unique type of properties here on the French Riviera.

A romantic style newly inspired

An interesting perspective is the modern adaptation of the style of living in Belle Eqoque-style homes which artistically combines modern pieces, art and lighting entirely transforming these homes into beautiful and unique living spaces.  The serene essence of elegance and charm gently softens out the modern clean lines, shapes and colors resulting in a quintessential harmony of classic and new.

Perhaps it is just the absolute unbelievable beauty of these palaces, chateaus, hotels and villas that allows us to hear the clinking of champagne glasses of those golden days gone by.

Simply enchanting.