RUSTIC LUXE: The Best of Both Worlds

A Remodeling Trend Brings Out the True Essence of French Living

One of the latest design trends in the French Riviera property market is the Rustic Luxe type of remodeling for the beautiful vintage Provencal style homes that the French Riviera is known for. A clear advantage of this style of remodeling is that it truly brings out the essence and charm of these Provencal style villas with all the modern luxury comforts to enjoy.

A blend of rustic vintage pieces such as an oversized wooden dining table paired with lush, chocolate brown tufted chairs and a simple white antique water decanter centerpiece filled with fresh white flowers, produces a stylish authentic appeal that is just perfect for these enchanting French villas.

Natural materials such as stone floors and exposed wood beams provide substance and depth to a room while contrasting softly with the other elements in the room such as soft neutral walls, white silk linens and fabrics, or signature furniture pieces. The character of each piece is illuminated and at the same time collectively blends together in a harmonious air that diffuses a warm and cozy ambiance without being cluttered or confusing.

This simplistic design style allows one to take full advantage of all the wonderful pieces that one can find at local antique fairs, farmers markets and shops in the villages along the French Riviera such as St. Paul de Vence, Grasse, Antibes, and Nice. The result is a comfortable living space with unique style that is uncomplicated and fresh and truly personalized.

For someone looking to find that unique French charm in a home, these types of properties are absolutely ideal.