A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words…and more in real estate

There is no excuse for poor pictures of your property.

You know the saying, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and in selling real estate, a picture speaks volumes of not only the property, but also the agency or person selling the property.

The pictures sent in to us by the listener shows a million dollar villa set back in the hills with a pool and panoramic views.

While the villa itself is a nice villa, the pictures clearly do not capture the true beauty and charm of this property.

Yes you see the pool, yes you see the view, but the angles in which these photographs are taken do not look appealing.

There is even a picture of a the corner of the house on the exterior which actually does not really show anything except grass and a wall.

Real estate photography is meant to do show 2 things, showcase the property in its most appealing sense and provide the buyer with information about the specific details of the property such as amenities, rooms and special features.

Clearly an agency or person selling the property who doesn’t put any time and effort into taking nice photographs and selecting the nicest ones to properly showcase the property is an immediate indication that there is something not right about the person or company your dealing with.

More importantly, you want the best offers to be made on your property and chances are that with poor photography, that will not be the case with yours.

Now more than ever the photography plays a vital role because of the fact that most people now do most of their real estate searches online beforehand.

This is why it is SO important to ask your agent or seller important questions about how they are going to market your property as well as asking to see the pictures taken of your property.