The Inspiring Spring Bloom

The melody of Frank Sinatra famously singing Cole Porter’s I Love Paris in the Springtime gently resonates in the background when one thinks of springtime in France.  Perhaps Cole Porter should have come to the Cote d’Azur to see how the vivid floral blossoms illuminate every house, balcony, and every park…and perhaps the song might have been written I Love Nice in the Springtime!

Spring is perhaps the most delightful and visually engaging time to enjoy the south of France, especially when you are shopping for a new home, apartment, or villa. The reason being is that you are able to see the properties in full bloom!

The French are known to have such talented “green thumbs” when it comes to gardening and landscaping, and their passion for flowers is ever present in most parks and public areas, where carefully manicured gardens and floral decor colorfully adorn all theses cities, towns and villages along the French Riviera.

The advantage of doing your real estate shopping during this time are two-fold. Firstly, you are able to completely see the property’s full potential with outdoor areas, the natural lighting inside the home as well as the sun’s exposure on the different areas of the home. Secondly, spring is an off-season time of year which means that it is less crowded than the summer months which gives for easier driving in and around the Riviera allowing you the oppotunity to visit more homes in a shorter amount of time.  You might even find some great deals and rare finds as well.

NICE PROPERTIES currently has so many fantastic floral and landscaped properties this season along the French Riviera…come visit us and we will help you find your next garden oasis.


The Art of Living in Belle Epoque Style

Belle Epoque

Known as the “beautiful age”, the Belle Epoque  period (1860-1914) between the late 19th century and World War I was hallmarked by advances in medicine, technology, and innovation that gave birth to a truly aesthetic era where style, fashion, music and art prolifically bloomed and coined the French Riviera as the opulent playground for the high society elite.

The fanciful architectural styles of this creative period, parallelelling the late Victorian and Edwardian periods in the United Kingdom, were diversely influenced by European and non-Eurpoean architects and are still present today as elaborate  palaces with adorned cuppolas, detailed mouldings and intricate balconies continue to shine their exuberance and luxurious exaggeration throughout the Cote d’Azur, from Cannes to Beaulieu. I mean where else would could you properly host Queen Victoria and her artistocratic accolades for a brief winter stint?

The spirt of this optimistic and inspiring era boasting with cabarets, Italian operettas, haute couture, Absinthe-imbued Art Nouveau, and swanky exclusive to-be-seen restaurants and soirees, is what continues to engage so many people to buy and live in these authentically unique type of properties here on the French Riviera.

A romantic style newly inspired

An interesting perspective is the modern adaptation of the style of living in Belle Eqoque-style homes which artistically combines modern pieces, art and lighting entirely transforming these homes into beautiful and unique living spaces.  The serene essence of elegance and charm gently softens out the modern clean lines, shapes and colors resulting in a quintessential harmony of classic and new.

Perhaps it is just the absolute unbelievable beauty of these palaces, chateaus, hotels and villas that allows us to hear the clinking of champagne glasses of those golden days gone by.

Simply enchanting.

A New Equestrian Generation Begins in Nice

Christian Estrosi

A new equestrian generation has begun in Nice as a large crowd gathered this past weekend to officially inaugurate the newly expanded equestrian center in Nice.  City Mayor Christian Estrosi enthusiastically spoke about the value that this impressive 6.8 miilion euros investment will add not only to Nice, but to the entire Cote d’Azur.

The equestrian center is a part of an ambitious urban project by the City of Nice and the Conseil General to transform the west valley of Nice as an “Eco Valley” with benchmarking eco-projects in sustainable development. The equestrian center was designed and planned as part of this eco valley plan that will also include an eco-Olympic stadium currently in construction, an evironmental teaching and research center, and large scale cultural facilities.

Christian Estrosi emphasized the strategic location of the equestrian center with its close proximity to the airport and other sporting complexes thus ideally positioning itself to become a major training center and international venue to host world class equestrian events. The first horse competition will be the Nice Spring Tour 2012 », Jumping international 1 & 2 stars, scheduled for March 1st-4th, and 8th-11th.

The 11-hectare equestrian center features new riding rings, shower stalls, new stables and will also include a club house, living quarters for caretakers, boutique and information center.

Hotel Investments: A Niche Market on the Rise

Essentially, buying a hotel is a transition from one business to another. This package includes all of the technical, financial and legal aspects that requires a specialized knowledge in order to keep the transfer of this type of commercial property investment, a seamless and effective transaction.

Even for the financially savvy, these type of investments require a platform where all parties involved can fluidly communicate with each other harmoniously, resulting in a much easier and stress-free investment.

Hotel niche proves interesting…

Although the global economic crisis took its tolls on all types of investments, it has also suprisingly revealed that this niche market of hotel investments are generally on the rise.

“Despite various natural, economic and political crises witnessed globally in the first few months of 2011, hotel transactions continued gaining momentum and volumes for the full year are expected to exceed our previous forecast,” said Arthur de Haast, global CEO for Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels. “We now anticipate full-year numbers to reach $34.8 billion globally, marking a 28 percent year-on-year increase.”

Location, location, location….

For the hotel business, the location is key. Views, amenities, and the most important factor of all..the clientele. Investing in a hotel also means investing in an area that is able to meet the capacity demands both on and off seasons.

As the French Riviera continues to be one of the world’s most sought-out vacation and business destinations, it comes as no surprise that in 2011, the Cote d’Azur Toursim Board reported a 15% increase in stays of 4 and 5-star hotels. In addition to that, visitors by air increased by 8.5% (11 million visitors) including a 25% increase of number of visitors from emerging markets. It is estimated that in 2012, our famous azure coast will see 11 million tourists as well (people spending more than one night or more). (Cote d’Azur Tourisme)

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Nice Properties Attends Deloitte Media Predictions Conference

Deloitte Conference

[alert alert_type=”info” ]Sophia Antipolis-  Situated in the heart of the French Riviera’s “Silicone Valley” information and technological sector of Sophia Antipolis, Nice Properties attended the 11th annual Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, “Technology, Media & Telecommunications Predictions 2012″today, organized in partnership with Telecom ParisTech Entrepreneurs and Centre International de Communicacion Avancee (CICA) in Sophia Antipolis where Duncan Stewart, Director of Deloitte’s TMT Research, presented the firms prospective outlook for this mutli-trillion dollar industry.[/alert]

The conference and annual publication focused on “key developments over the next 12-18 months that are likely to have significant medium- to long-term impacts for companies in TMT and other industries.” (Deloitte, TMT 2012)  One of the insightful issues discussed were the trends and changes to business models due to the impact of technological advances.  Basically, the way of conducting business has become a more complex and multifaceted platform than ever before.

As the use of technological medias are expected to continue to rise apart from global economic woes, Deloitte’s industry analysis, research, and innovation have a proven track record that is vital for leading-edge businesses and organizations.

Nice Properties will see you on the slopes!

As the sunny Auron ski resort celebrates its 75th anniversary as one of the Alpes-Maritimes most popular ski destination, Nice Properties is happy to announce the launching of their first tourism residence in this highly touristic mountain resort.

SkiingLocated only 1 1/2 hours from Nice on the French Riviera, the new Las Donnas 2474 project, a 4 star serviced tourism residence, will consist of 3 wood and stone chalet-style buildings located just 50 meters from the ski lift and to the heart of village where you will find plenty of fabulous restaurants, boutiques, skating rink, and equipment rentals.

This 100 unit project, poised on a 9,200 sqm property in a quiet residential area, will feature 3 buildings, 4 levels each that will house 1 1/2 bedrooms (42 sqm), 2 bedrooms (61 sqm), and 3 bedroom (74 sqm) units with south-west facing balconies overlooking the resort and mountain and each unit will enjoy the following amenities: reception, restaurant, health spa, swimming pool, direct ski path to the lift, underground parking, ski closet, room service, and on-site property management and rental services.

Units start at 205,000 euros + VAT, and buyers in the pre-sale phase will have the option of joining multiple units if they choose. All units are sold furnished and completely equipped and delivered just in time for the Winter 2013 ski season.

The Las Donnas 2474 project will be developed by Natura Center Resort, a development company based out of Marseille that specializes in mountain resort real estate projects.

For more information, you can call : +33 (0)4 89 05 42 00 or email:, or come by and visit the on-site sales office in Auron.

Destination Investments: Riding the best waves of the economic tide

During uncertain economic times, investors and potential buyers in the real estate market might have certain doubts about the timing of their purchases and investments. Naturally, buyers want to feel secure about what they are buying which is why destination investments in highly touristic places such as the French Riviera, can ease buyer concerns as the markets play out their cycles.

While the waves of the global economic crisis continues to ripple throughout the world’s economies and European leaders forge ahead in the battle of the European sovereign debt crisis amidst fears of a global recession, gleams of a silver lining have appeared this week at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos.

For some, the crisis does not pose a threat, but rather a prospect. “A survey of 800 business leaders in Asia, the Middle East and North America by FTI Consulting found that 45 percent of companies in Asia are either executing or looking to make acquisitions in Europe in the next 12 months, compared with just 14 percent in the Middle East and 7 percent in North America.” (Reuters, January 25, 2012) This suggests that Europe is still viewed as a leading place for investing over other leading continents, and emerging markets.


As Apple reported their astronomical first quarter results for 2012 of $46.33 billion and revenue with 37.034 million iPhones sold, it can be simply said that a good product with a strong brand can resist an unsteady economic tide and in the end, come out on top.

The French Riviera, one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, known as the playground to the rich and famous with renown world-class events such as the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix and host to 50% of the world’s superyacht fleet yearly, not to mention 300 days of sunshine with beautiful azureen waters and chic beaches, is one of the reasons why this destination real estate market along Cote d’Azur has also come out on top during an unnerving economic period.

In a recent interview in the Nice Matin (18 Janvier 2012), the regions primary daily newspaper, Nice Properties’ general manager, Michael Fusaro, explains that the French Riviera continues to have a demand for quality products in real estate and describes it as a “sacred address”. He further mentions that foreign investments represent half of their real estate sales.

The continual demand in the Cote d’Azur has also been recently reflected as new expansion plans were just released to augment the Nice International Airport, France’s 2nd largest airport, by adding a third terminal to accommodate an estimated 12.5 million passengers. (See article Extension de l’Aéroport de Nice: les réactions from Nice Matin).

With a picturesque 71 mile coastline of nothing but marinas, beaches, golf courses, gourmet restaurants, ski resorts and 300 days of sunshine…no worries!


10 reasons to invest in France…in brand new projects

There is no coincidence that we specialize in selling exclusive condominiums in brand new real estate projects.

As a matter of fact, investing in a brand new construction or project in France offers several benefits that you should consider:

  1. By investing in a brand new real estate project, you will pay reduced transfer fees upon closing at the notary’s office. Closing fees, stamps and taxes will sum up to 2,5% of the total purchase price instead of 8% when purchasing a resale. A direct benefit of 5,5% on your global investment…
  2. By investing in a brand new project on paper and/or under construction, you automatically get an estate bank collateral insuring the completion of the construction project, even if the developer cannot accomplish the construction.
  3. You also get a builder’s warranty: 10 years on the structure, and 2 years on the equipment. No matter what happens and affects your property, the insurance will get it fixed immediately and then search for the liabilities.
  4. Upon delivery of the keys, the developer stays liable for any hidden defects that may appear within the next 12 months, and has 2 months to fix it.
  5. By purchasing in a brand new project, you always get a better level of comfort and security, as well as the latest equipment and technology available on the market.
  6. You will pay lower home owners association fees, and and lower maintenance fees in a brand new condo, compared to an older construction.
  7. In order to get the construction permit granted, the developers and architects have, since 2010, to get all apartments accessible for the handicapped as well as environmentally-friendly, by using specific aislation materials and technology.
  8. Brand new condos provide generally a better infrastructure to the residents and owners, such as more parking spaces, more appropriate and user-friendly common areas, and better security and communication systems.
  9. By buying in a brand new project, you will get to pay lower property taxes (reduction varies in each city) than in a resale.
  10. Finally, brand new condo projects are simply more adapted to a contemporary and modern way of life.

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