5 Questions for Luca Stradivari, director of Stradivari Design

Through our commitment to excellence in service to our client, Nice Properties carefully selects partners that reflect our philosophy. In the field of luxury and design, Nice Properties is proud to present Stradivari Design.

5 Questions to Luca Stradivari, director of StradivariDesign

How would you define StradivariDesign?

StradivariDesign is an interior design and architecture firm inspired by many styles from the different eras. At the base of our projects, there are common denominators: creativity, elegance, class and luxury made in Italy. Ingredients to form an explosive mixture of sensitivity and originality while showcasing the culture of Italian design. The company operates four divisions linked together: architecture, interior design, industrial design and Taylor  Made. Each project involves a small team that is always supervised by me and my partner, architect David Bodino. We have several remote offices, besides the headquarters in Monaco, we are present in Italy, Switzerland and Russia to respond to the expectations and requirements of our clients with precision.

What is your idea of ​​luxury?

This is a complex issue because if beauty is universal,  taste turns out to be very subjective. Luxury, for us, is the elegance, originality, the ability to create irreplaceable objects, unforgettable places that are printed in the collective and individual memory, objects or places that are liked or disliked, objects held or experienced. I see myself more in luxury minimalist, I find it more difficult to achieve luxury “baroque”, the sound is not synonymous with being, and as Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe says,  “Less is more “. If you have the skills to create an atmosphere of understated luxury, you do not need to exaggerate, it’s a bit like saying you do not need to shout if you have clear reason. On many occasions my clients ask imaginative creations, there is a thin line where we have luxury, elegance and class, and on the other side, the vulgar, the obvious and bad taste.

What completed project makes you the most proud of?

More than the project, what makes us proud is the process by which we renew our design approach to each new opportunity. The whole team and I are looking to satisfy and impress our clients by offering a unique creation with something special, new and original. In summarizing my work, the Italian spirit is very present in my work, even when I adapt it to foreign clientele. Quality is a cocktail, like the violins of my great grandfather: you must taste, experience, use quality materials, a sense of perfectionism and passion … A lot of passion. All makes me very proud in my work and constantly pushes me to perfectibility. When I look in retrospect, I still think I could have done even better … this is a strength or a weakness.

What do you love about design?

I love all design. It is the vision of the world. It is the passion and intelligence. This is the heart. It is the soul. This is something that haunts all of us and affects us in an invisible manner since our birth. Materials, shapes, colors and combinations. We have the illusion to manipulate and control the design but it is not that.  As Michelangelo said “the sculpture is already in the block of stone, simply release it.” I think the ability of the artist or designer is actually deleting “excess” of material to refer to an object that can be enjoyed by many people as possible.

What are the future trends in the field of interior design?

The last twenty years have marked a period of interior design increasingly influenced by the production of industrialized furniture. Last wave of minimalism, today seems to prevail in the direction that we like to call “eclectic” with explicit references, a stylistic mixture of the late nineteenth century and the vindication of bringing back styles.

Official website: www.stradivaridesign.com