Interview with Concierge Expert Stephane Guillet Dorion

Why are Concierge Services so important?

Concierge expert Stephane Guillet Dorion from ConciergeSVP and Riviera Alliance member shares with us today the important and usually overlooked aspects of when owning a property in the south of France.

As Stephane explains, property management, home care and home administration are the types of services that are needed especially for foreign second home owners who don’t live in the area year round. These are usually the types of things that buyers tend to over look when buying their vacation home or second home and only intend to use it part time during the year.

Having someone locally acting your on behalf with keys and access to your property is key for handling any issues, emergencies, deliveries and any installations or maintenance that the property requires.

Even though apartments do require less management compared to that of a villa, you do have a building syndic where your representation is needed as an owner in the building and where you will be called upon to vote on certain issues. Other aspects include billing, internet set up, maintenance, and renovation, either inside your own apartment or in the common areas of the buildings.

Whether you have a large villa or small apartment, it is always best to have someone keeping an eye on it so that when you arrive all is in working order and you are hassle-free.

*Tips from Stephane – 1. After purchasing a property, you need to register with the local and building tax departments. Both are legal obligations.  2. Your air conditioning units should be serviced every year especially before the summer season. Same as the central heating which needs to be serviced before winter to avoid heating problems. A/C and heating professionals tend to be more difficult to get during the peak season with higher prices, so take care of it beforehand.

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