Interior Design: The Elements of Style Revealed

Another dimension in space

Not just a place to stand on.

One of the hottest trends today in interior design is the concept of fashionable floors and wall coverings.

From original Bourgeois style floors in Belle Epoque villas to artistic eye-catching tapestries in hotel lounges, the elements of style and prestige from flooring permeate a unique ambiance unlike no other.

Setting the tone for décor, the floors, like the canvas of a painting, are carefully adorned by the furnishings, art, lighting and accessories to compliment and/or contrast each other to form a complete picture or presence.

On the French Riviera you can still find many Belle Epoque villas and apartments that have retained their original flooring, which has ultimately evolved into a refreshed interior style that harmonizes the old with the new. The combination of well preserved vintage flooring with modern furnishings offer an elegant yet modern look that is authentic and comfortable.


Taking it to the next level.

According to Monaco’s renown floor designer, Fashion For Floors, new techniques and technologies have now afforded the use of luxury materials such as leather and bamboo silks to be transformed into spectacular and stain-proof floors, as well as using authentic materials such as vintage jean patchwork combined with Raphia fibers to create summery cabana style rugs.

Fashion For FloorsTheir philosophy is “Dressing up your floor the same way you dress yourself” and as Flagship Store Director Christophe Bor explains, there are distinct market preferences among his clientele. “Here in Monaco our customers love very soft and lush materials such as Silk or Bamboo fibre in hand knotted rugs as they combine the shine and beauty with the comfort and pleasure of walking barefoot on them.. In our other markets such as Germany this is very different, and tastes vary a lot from one market to another.”

This avant-garde concept has gained momentous popularity for apartments, luxury villas, offices, hotels, as well as yachts and has even caught the attention of the Principality of Monaco who has appointed Fashion For Floors as their official flooring supplier of the principality. Christophe explains, ” In the last few years the floor has finally found its place within the interior design market and is now one of the most important ingredients. In the old days it was almost ” uncool” to have a carpet but now things changed and we are very happy for that change!”

Whatever budget you may have, flooring is an essential aspect of interior décor and comfort. It provides the subtle theme from which to build your interior décor and can be an insipiring foundation for everyday living.