Fall into Discovery: Journees du Patrimonie a Nice

monastery cimiez

As the tourists return back to their native homelands and students return to school, the third week of September is a special time for visitors and residents alike to discover or rediscover the nuts and bolts of Nice and its place on the French national patrimonial stage. On September 20-21st, the 31st Journees Europeenes du Patrimonie a Nice take place where every museum, cultural and natural heritage sites, churches, and the city hall are open and accessible to everyone to visit and appreciate the cultural, historical and natural values they hold to Nice.

Whether you want to visit the gardens of the Franciscan Monastery in Cimiez, the Archaeological museum, the old military fort Mont Alban, the beautiful artwork of Henry Matisse at the Matisse museum, visit the numerous cathedrals and churches or sit in one of the conferences at the municipal town hall, there are plenty of activities to fill both days along with special evening baroque and classical musical performances to complete such a culturally rich day.

You can download the entire 2 day program here.