Elements of Design Boast Big Returns on Niche Investments

One cannot deny the fact that French Riviera has revealed itself as one of the safest places to invest in property. Year after year, French lifestyle enthusiasts buy holiday homes for pure pleasure,  while savvy real estate investors bank on the lifestyle yielding property market brimming with diverse real estate niches. Of course the latter offers one tiny caveat, you have to be able to see it.

While there is no shortage of idyllic sea view apartments and luxury homes along the Cote d’Azur, the ability to be able to see true investment potential is to be able to have a vision beyond the grid. Evolving vintage neighborhoods, old Bourgeois buildings and former Belle Epoque mansions are just the tip of the iceberg. The key concept to capitalize on niche property investments here is to understand a simple underlying fact: people create their own environments.

Mark Howorth, a bold creative in interior design

Enter in London’s bold interior design creative Mark Howorth, from Luxury Interior Designer Callendar Howorth, who not only designs bespoke living spaces in the United Kingdom and the French Riviera, but also has captured the essence of revival and fortitude with his recent complete renovation of a traditional Nicois style apartment in a typical neighborhood off Garibaldi square in Nice.  While your usual person might not have seen anything special, Howorth and a couple of other avant-garde restauranteurs saw a diamond in the rough with the end result being a thriving chic neighborhood with fabulous restaurants, brasserie, and one gorgeous centrally located apartment in the heart of it all, reaping the benefits of a courageous leap forward.

Design Elements

Elements of design serve as the framework that allows one to be more in touch with their world within their context. A well done interior design subtly illustrates this interaction as if it had always been there. You enter a room and the feeling is lightness, comfort, ease….a mirror of your personal world. In essence, interior style is a true art form that provokes the way you want to live your life and what is important to you.

“Creating comfortable and exciting homes on the Côte d’Azur is really satisfying as many places have stunning original features.  Stone walls, vintage fireplaces, Frescos and Nicois tile are abundant and enable me to really work on the character of the space. By adding excellent lighting, modern finishes and eclectic furniture the results can be stunning.” – Mark Howorth

“I did this renovation on Rue Bonaparte last year.  The apartment had not been renovated in over 40 years and it looked very tired and was subdivided into small rooms. I opened up the main living space to create one large open plan living / kitchen and dining area – a perfect place to entertain.  I also completely remodeled the bedroom and bathroom areas to create two bedroom suites with en suite shower and bathrooms.

Purchase price:  420,000 euros – Renovation: 80,000 euros – Upon completion of the renovation market value: 670,000 euros

I hope that you will agree that the before and after photographs say it all…..” – Mark Howorth

Renovation is nothing new. Buying, restoring, and selling is not a new type of investment. What is different though, is the approach. The stance of holistically integrating how we want to live and how we want to see the world. While some people might feel that renovation is just an added expense, understanding the value of true interior design as a part of your property investment as the fuel that will increase your return on investment is the reason why places emerge and evolve…because someone dared to look beyond what was there.