The Dark Room Galerie: On the other side of the picture

Nice Properties is proud to support local artists that matter and present our new partner: photographic Dark Room Galerie.


Inauguration of the gallery, Dominique Jaussein, Prophétane, Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi, Véronique Champion.

After its successful inauguration on June 4th, the Dark Room Galerie, an exhibition space where only photographs can be displayed, continues its momentum this Wednesday, July 23, at 18:00 for the exhibition of Xabier Escalere – “tURNdOWNsIDEuP”.  A spotlight on man is at the genesis of this gallery, Dominique Jaussein, a man of many faces, the creator of this place and invested artist.

Just like its founder, Dominique Jaussein, The Dark Room is set apart from the rest. Through clichés and large print images, the gallery opts for the revelation of new talent and photographic work on display. “The concept was to find the path of the artist to focus on one image at a time,” explains Dominique. This insurance and administrative expert embarked on a gamble, “to create an intimate space dedicated to photography where visitors can become a participant in the work.” While keeping his normal job, he embarked to develop this venue: the first room, a classic space where snapshots of artists expose themselves, and a second room, more obscure and private: the Dark Room. “This piece invites visitors to become an image reader.” Plunged into darkness, the viewer discovers a series of pictures / art history one by one projected for 20 seconds in the final mix, the revelation of the pictures together. “This idea provides insight into the work, the search for the artist. Not to be overwhelming by too much information and to digest every detail of an artistic work.”


Photographic series “d’Ebène et d’Abîme”

With a calm voice and a half grin, Dominique Jaussein speaks of his many projects. After rafting down Ethiopian rivers and fixing his sight on distant lands, taking in the sublime landscapes of Antarctica, inaugurating the high point of his exhibition named “Ebony and Abyss,” a poignant and moving work on resilience, Dominique’s next plans to photograph gorillas. A sharp-eyed adventurer that has decided to take life and its actors as models.

Starting August 1st, you will find select pieces from Dominique Jaussein at the Nice Properties Opéra agency – 11 rue Saint François de Paule – 06 300 Nice.

Dark Room galerie – 12 rue Maccarani – 06 000 Nice – +33 (0)4 93 76 74 59 –