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10 reasons to invest in France…in brand new projects

There is no coincidence that we specialize in selling exclusive condominiums in brand new real estate projects.

As a matter of fact, investing in a brand new construction or project in France offers several benefits that you should consider:

  1. By investing in a brand new real estate project, you will pay reduced transfer fees upon closing at the notary’s office. Closing fees, stamps and taxes will sum up to 2,5% of the total purchase price instead of 8% when purchasing a resale. A direct benefit of 5,5% on your global investment…
  2. By investing in a brand new project on paper and/or under construction, you automatically get an estate bank collateral insuring the completion of the construction project, even if the developer cannot accomplish the construction.
  3. You also get a builder’s warranty: 10 years on the structure, and 2 years on the equipment. No matter what happens and affects your property, the insurance will get it fixed immediately and then search for the liabilities.
  4. Upon delivery of the keys, the developer stays liable for any hidden defects that may appear within the next 12 months, and has 2 months to fix it.
  5. By purchasing in a brand new project, you always get a better level of comfort and security, as well as the latest equipment and technology available on the market.
  6. You will pay lower home owners association fees, and and lower maintenance fees in a brand new condo, compared to an older construction.
  7. In order to get the construction permit granted, the developers and architects have, since 2010, to get all apartments accessible for the handicapped as well as environmentally-friendly, by using specific aislation materials and technology.
  8. Brand new condos provide generally a better infrastructure to the residents and owners, such as more parking spaces, more appropriate and user-friendly common areas, and better security and communication systems.
  9. By buying in a brand new project, you will get to pay lower property taxes (reduction varies in each city) than in a resale.
  10. Finally, brand new condo projects are simply more adapted to a contemporary and modern way of life.

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