2015 Cannes Yacht Festival Offers Mega Expectations

2015 Cannes Yacht Festival

140 New Superyachts Debuting at the 2015 Cannes Yacht Festival

The epitome of true luxury will be fashionably displayed from September 8-13th at the 2015 Cannes Yacht Festival with some of the world’s most exclusive and impressive superyachts in the global yachting industry today.

The most anticipated superyacht this year is the Pachamama, the jewel of an Italian creation by award winning yacht designer Francesco Paszkowsi and Italian superyacht yard Baglietto.  This high speed (33 knots) motor yacht’s design reflects superior engineering, craftsmanship and of course Paskowski’s renown sophistication in exterior line style.

A total of over 550 boats will be on display with the debut of 140 new yachts.For a complete list of the 10 ten yachts to watch out for at 2105 the Cannes Yacht Show, click here.

In a recent market study by Boat International and Fraser Yachts, a total of 223 superyachts were sold so far in 2015 with the most popular being the 24-30 meter category and the most expensive yacht selling at 80M.  

Pachamama Yacht 2015 Cannes Yacht Festival

Pachamama designed by Francesco Paszkowsi and Superyacht yard Baglietto. Source: Boat International

A contrast to 2014 where 412 total superyachts were sold with the majority also being in the 24-30 meter category. However, the most expensive yielded a heftier price tag at over 150M.  

The yacht show season gets underway with the Cannes Yacht Festival followed by the hallmark 25th edition of the Monaco Yacht Show in September 23-26th.

To preview the 5 largest megayachts attending the Monaco Yacht Show, click here.

Two of the most celebrated events on the French Riviera and certainly the ultimate in premiere events of the yachting industry where the beauty of true design meets the art of engineering.

MIKA concert in Monaco@Casino Night Open Air Event

Just before the kids go back to school, end your summer with an outrageous night this Saturday, August 29th at the Open Air Casino in Monte Carlo. Serious prizes to win like a 50 PASS VIP for 2 people offered by the Societe Bains de Mer, private access to the Exclusive Dancefloor for MIKA and Charles Pasi located in front of the stage, glass of champagne and 5 € to play in the Casino Cafe de Paris!! Read more


All about the Apero Chic on the French Riviera

The apero on the French Riviera is a must.  This is what its all about.

The azure blue med, chilled wine and cocktails, loungey chilled music and understated elegant wear, and fashionable outside lounges is the essence of the French Riviera.  All designed for your maximum enjoyment.

The apero scene has been booming in the last few years, and if you are not in the late night party scene, its a great way to enjoy your evening and feel great without the late hours, in the most scenic of places.

This week’s Chic Apero’s not to be missed are:

Every Wednesday at Plage Beau Rivage LOUNGE AFTER BEACH & BEFORE


Tonight Friday June 26th, from 7pm-midnight at Plage Beau Rivage


New Sky Beach at the Casino of Beaulieu in partnership with soiree specialist Jeremy from Le Consulat in Nice open Tuesday to Sundays 7pm-1:30am, elegant summer attire required.

Official inauguration Thursday, July 2nd at 7pm.



Casino Night a Ciel Ouvert in Monaco

Monaco like you have never seen it before! An Open Air Casino night “Casino Night a Ciel Ouvert” with gambling, dancing, tombolas, gaming tables, music and cocktails all rolled into one night of amazing fun under the stars on Saturday, June 20th at the famous Place du Casino in Monaco. This might be the best party yet!

4 casinos and 60,000 euros to be won.

And that’s not all.

This is a series of Open Air Casino Night’s planned for the Principality of Monaco in the Place de Casino making summer 2015 in Monaco the best one yet.


sbmcasino sbmcasinoplan

Isn’t life just grand on the French Riviera!!

Nice with 2 world records in May 2015

Leave it to a 16 year old Nicois teenager and a Chinese corporate giant to obtain 2 Guiness Book of World Records in Nice in the month of May.

The first world record for the largest human sentence with 6,262 participants was set by Tiens Group (China) and took place on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice on May 8, 2015.


The second world record for most people in a Selfie photo thought up by Nicois teenager Tom Bittmann, took place on May 26, 2015 during an electronic concert ‘Blackout Colorful’ at Theatre de Verdure with a total count of 2,530 people beating out Microsoft and Coca-Cola who held the record with approximately 1,151 people.

Just wondering now if both world records set in the same month and in the same place warrants another world record in of itself!  #breaktherecordNice


Architect Mario Bass recreates Nice’s 19th century architecutre in 3D

Young architect Mario Bass from Nice was fascinated by the history of the city and decided to recreate the architecture of the most beautiful buildings of the19th century in 3D.

The idea for this project came to Mario after he stumbled upon a bunch of old postcards at a flea market in Cagnes-sur-Mer. Inspired by the architecture in the Belle Époque, he decided to recreate these wonderful buildings by architecture modeling in 3D mode. To accomplish this amazing project, he went through all the flea markets and bookstores in search of photographs or postcards of these magnificent buildings. These images were the only opportunity to see what the buildings looked like since there weren’t any kept architectural plans .

He reproduced each element of the building proportionally. The entire project took about 5,000 hours.

The results of his incredible work speak for themselves in the photos.

Nice Carnaval is Here!

It’s the regions most spectacular party that draws thousands of visitors each year. The 2015 Nice Carnaval is here. Unfortunately due to weather limitations, its has been a slow start this year, but as the weekend weather is finally clearing preparations continue for Nice’s favorite pastime.

This year’s theme is the King of the Music!

You can find all the information, ticketing, program and access here.


Dress warm, take an umbrella in case, and get the family together for an experience they will never forget!

And don’t forget to bring your cameras and cell phones to take plenty of pictures!


Nice Properties goes to London with the Riviera Alliance

Did you know that the largest show about France is actually in London?

Nice Properties has teamed up with several local French Riviera businesses as the Riviera Alliance to provide potential buyers and French property owners a “one-stop” solution for all aspects of owning property in France and will be present at the 2015 France Show in London on January 23-25th, booth #268.

So why is this the ideal time to go to the France Show? If you are planning on moving and investing in France, then why not get all your information and questions answered in one place.

When you move to France and don’t speak a word of French or know anyone, getting things done can be a challenge, especially if you are looking to buy/sell a property or even owning one. Having a trusted team of people at your side will make all the difference and in the end save you time, money and stress-free.

So guess what? We have put an English speaking team together to help you get everything sorted out. However this is not just an ordinary team. This friendly, professional group are people that at one time faced also the same challenges when setting up their lives  here on the French Riviera. So we completely understand all the ins and outs in order to help you get your plan done.

The Riviera Alliance offers key services such as finding the best mortgage, legal/tax advice, currency exchange, finding or selling a property, interior and exterior design, renovation and construction, concierge and property management, legal paperwork and holiday rental programs.

The members of the Riviera Alliance include Callender Howorth Interior Design, Nice Properties, IFA Spectrum Independent Financial Advisor, Currencies Direct, MB Design & Renovation, Concierge SVPShowroom Dedon Monaco, LBS Language & Business Services, and Sunlight Properties with our official radio sponsor Riviera Radio 106.5FM.

So we invite you to come by booth #268 to meet our convivial group and lets get your plans into action!


Fall into Discovery: Journees du Patrimonie a Nice

monastery cimiez

As the tourists return back to their native homelands and students return to school, the third week of September is a special time for visitors and residents alike to discover or rediscover the nuts and bolts of Nice and its place on the French national patrimonial stage. On September 20-21st, the 31st Journees Europeenes du Patrimonie a Nice take place where every museum, cultural and natural heritage sites, churches, and the city hall are open and accessible to everyone to visit and appreciate the cultural, historical and natural values they hold to Nice.

Whether you want to visit the gardens of the Franciscan Monastery in Cimiez, the Archaeological museum, the old military fort Mont Alban, the beautiful artwork of Henry Matisse at the Matisse museum, visit the numerous cathedrals and churches or sit in one of the conferences at the municipal town hall, there are plenty of activities to fill both days along with special evening baroque and classical musical performances to complete such a culturally rich day.

You can download the entire 2 day program here.

The Dark Room Galerie: On the other side of the picture

Nice Properties is proud to support local artists that matter and present our new partner: photographic Dark Room Galerie.


Inauguration of the gallery, Dominique Jaussein, Prophétane, Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi, Véronique Champion.

After its successful inauguration on June 4th, the Dark Room Galerie, an exhibition space where only photographs can be displayed, continues its momentum this Wednesday, July 23, at 18:00 for the exhibition of Xabier Escalere – “tURNdOWNsIDEuP”.  A spotlight on man is at the genesis of this gallery, Dominique Jaussein, a man of many faces, the creator of this place and invested artist.

Just like its founder, Dominique Jaussein, The Dark Room is set apart from the rest. Through clichés and large print images, the gallery opts for the revelation of new talent and photographic work on display. “The concept was to find the path of the artist to focus on one image at a time,” explains Dominique. This insurance and administrative expert embarked on a gamble, “to create an intimate space dedicated to photography where visitors can become a participant in the work.” While keeping his normal job, he embarked to develop this venue: the first room, a classic space where snapshots of artists expose themselves, and a second room, more obscure and private: the Dark Room. “This piece invites visitors to become an image reader.” Plunged into darkness, the viewer discovers a series of pictures / art history one by one projected for 20 seconds in the final mix, the revelation of the pictures together. “This idea provides insight into the work, the search for the artist. Not to be overwhelming by too much information and to digest every detail of an artistic work.”


Photographic series “d’Ebène et d’Abîme”

With a calm voice and a half grin, Dominique Jaussein speaks of his many projects. After rafting down Ethiopian rivers and fixing his sight on distant lands, taking in the sublime landscapes of Antarctica, inaugurating the high point of his exhibition named “Ebony and Abyss,” a poignant and moving work on resilience, Dominique’s next plans to photograph gorillas. A sharp-eyed adventurer that has decided to take life and its actors as models.

Starting August 1st, you will find select pieces from Dominique Jaussein at the Nice Properties Opéra agency – 11 rue Saint François de Paule – 06 300 Nice.

Dark Room galerie – 12 rue Maccarani – 06 000 Nice – +33 (0)4 93 76 74 59

contact@darkroomgalerie.fr – www.darkroomgalerie.fr