Style discovery with the French Riviera’s Leading Stylist and Fashion Entrepreneur

Mary Fiorin

Born from an Italian and French family, Marie Fiorin has style coursing through her veins. Widely known for her successful styleguide and fashion hub where she shares fashionable expertise by concentrating every appealing style product (20,000 of them!)

Fiorin’s concept of fashion is based on deliciousness in every area of one’s life.  Be it lifestyle, a healthy attitude, professional life or simply well being….the concept of deliciousness is infused into every pore of not only feeling good, but looking good.

As explains, “the mystic of the style of French women is known as being effortless, like you just woke up fabulous.”

Maude styled by Marie Fiorin

French pop singer Maude, styled by Marie Fiorin, on the red carpet in Cannes for the NRJ Music Awards.

While she is not busy building a style for celebrities at the NRJ music awards like French singer Maude, Fiorin spends her time on her new passion her “baby” is creating a new exquisite jewelry collection, that is meticulously designed and handcrafted. This unique art form actually presented itself to her as she was shopping for specific pieces and just couldn’t find what she was looking for. And as she says, “creating something out of nothing” is something she adores, whether it is creating a necklace or building an outfit for a client.

So what does this style diva have to say about looking good in 2014?

Here are Marie’s “goto tips” for being fashionably delicious:

  1. Do NOT follow trends to hard. Try to enhance your OWN style, where you can feel comfortable and stay true to yourself.
  2. The Jumpsuit is your lifesaving “must have” in your wardrobe.  This is your “go-to” outfit in a panic situation.  You can dress it up or dress it down, and is less obvious than a dress if you don’t want to go that route.
  3. Want to make a statement? Big earrings or a big bracelet. Bam!

And just what is the style of the French Riviera?   Glamorous Beach

The True Fashionista in You

A Fashionably Irresistible Lifestyle

The French Riviera, also known as the Cote d’Azur, touted as the playground of the rich and famous, second home to the Jolie-Pitt family with neighbor George Clooney and a popular stopover of the Beckham’s, continues to draw worldwide attention as one of the most favored tourism destinations. Whether it’s on your bucket list, honeymoon itinerary or vacation plans, the French Riviera has that unparalleled chic appeal that makes just about any activity in this picturesque region, fashionable. That’s right, I said fashionable.

Your morning espresso and croissant at the small outdoor café near the farmers market with your light cotton scarf, linen pants and woven basket…to die for. Picking out your fresh locally grown fruit has never been so artistically charming. Supermarket what?!

Al fresco’ dining is the scene to be seen. Offering 300 days of sunshine a year, where else can you wear that sleek white summer outfit, don your new Ray Bans, and perfectly harmonize with the perfectly dressed beach restaurant while casually sipping your rose’ wine with your freshly grilled fish amid the celestial blue backdrop of the Mediterranean sea just 50 feet from your table.? So what do you do? You take a picture of yourself of course, and upload that baby on Facebook so all your friends can be jealous your living it up in the south of France!

After lunch, you must relax. So you make a b-line to the beach club to lay back on a cushiony chaise lounge and listen to the dj’s afternoon light mixes and sport your new bathing suit / flowing beach robe combo, incognito of course with your Bridget Bardot sun hat and cool shades. Beach club glam is what it is all about, just ask Rhianna or Paris Hilton…better yet, see for yourself at Club 55 in Saint Tropez or La Paloma in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat.

Craving something new? Nothing beats late afternoon retail therapy, especially in Cannes. So many shops and boutiques and not enough you! Anything is possible, sexy feline, minimal chic, or silky off-the-shoulder unassuming, just depends on your mood and of course the venue. The shoes….just buy another suit case and pay the extra baggage! The hardest decision here is which venue? There are so many parties in the summer months on the Riviera with so many different flavors no wonder the shopping is so good.

Let the party begin, from Monaco to St. Tropez, there is a party waiting for you. There is no shortage of nightclubs, discos, beach club parties, yacht parties, film festival parties, music festival parties, jazz festival parties, VIP parties, late night parties, adult parties, and your own private parties. Dress code obligatory and in full effect, you will see these people again on the beach at some point or on an internet pic gone viral!

Need to escape or get more bang for your buck from your trip to France…leave! You can be sipping your Cappucino in St.Remo, Italy in less than an hour driving from Nice, or hop on an Easy Jet low cost 1 hour flight to Barcelona to have some sangria and tapas for lunch. Perhaps dinner in Paris might sound appealing as well or tasting a new wine cru in Bordeaux. Whatever it is, you can quickly go anywhere from the Nice International Airport making these little side trips so easy.

Just make sure to pack the right outfit.