Top floor Belle Epoque apartment in the Musiciens quarter

Rare opportunity that can yield a large return on your investment.

This 6/7 room top floor 160sqm Belle Epoque apartment offers a huge investment opportunity given that you completely renovate this space.

As this is a corner apartment situated in a renown and prized 1900 Belle Epoque building in the Musiciens quarter in Nice, you garner all the prestige of being in a truly architectural notable building.


Basically, this apartment can be completely transformed into a magnificent space given that you work with a gifted interior designer and a trustworthy renovation expert that has experience in working in vintage, historical properties.


You have to be able to look beyond the given space and rather look at the entire space as a whole. With a smart restructuring, you can open these spaces and create a magnificent living space that is adapted to the comforts of a modern lifestyle, yet preserving the vintage charm that Belle Epoque properties have to offer like wood floors, high ceilings, molding trims etc.

Given the central location of this apartment in the reputable Musicien’s quarter in Nice that dons beautiful historical buildings where you can easily walk to the shops and restaurants and the rare opportunity to be on the top floor in a prized building, investing in these type of opportunities will certainly give you a fruitful return on your investment.


Top Floor in a Palace in Cimiez

The pinnacle of top floor living

Living on the top floor is a privilege. Living on the top floor of a sumptuous Belle Epoque palace on the French Riviera with a panoramic view is a prestigious honor that is rare when the market is highly competitive for top floor apartments in such sought out palaces.

This 3 bedroom top floor apartment in a renown palace in Cimiez, a residential neighborhood in Nice known for its majestic palaces where celebrities, diplomats, artists and aristocrats used to spend their stints under the basking warmth of the Mediterranean sun escaping the dreary cold weather from up north.


The elegance and charm of the golden era still permeates Cimiez palaces which all have been converted into apartments and are highly sought out as either primary residences or second vacation properties.

Modern day meets Belle Epoque

One of the distinct advantages of living in Belle Epoque homes or apartments, are the signature high ceilings and space that these properties offer.


This makes for a perfect space to create your own modern comfortable living environment, with amidst the air of vintage elegance and charm.  The larger spaces allow for large furniture pieces, especially for modern day kitchen design.

That is why when top floor properties in such type of residences become available, interested buyers jump on the chance to experience the limitless possibility of such a prestigious habitat.

5 Questions for Luca Stradivari, director of Stradivari Design

Through our commitment to excellence in service to our client, Nice Properties carefully selects partners that reflect our philosophy. In the field of luxury and design, Nice Properties is proud to present Stradivari Design.

5 Questions to Luca Stradivari, director of StradivariDesign

How would you define StradivariDesign?

StradivariDesign is an interior design and architecture firm inspired by many styles from the different eras. At the base of our projects, there are common denominators: creativity, elegance, class and luxury made in Italy. Ingredients to form an explosive mixture of sensitivity and originality while showcasing the culture of Italian design. The company operates four divisions linked together: architecture, interior design, industrial design and Taylor  Made. Each project involves a small team that is always supervised by me and my partner, architect David Bodino. We have several remote offices, besides the headquarters in Monaco, we are present in Italy, Switzerland and Russia to respond to the expectations and requirements of our clients with precision.

What is your idea of ​​luxury?

This is a complex issue because if beauty is universal,  taste turns out to be very subjective. Luxury, for us, is the elegance, originality, the ability to create irreplaceable objects, unforgettable places that are printed in the collective and individual memory, objects or places that are liked or disliked, objects held or experienced. I see myself more in luxury minimalist, I find it more difficult to achieve luxury “baroque”, the sound is not synonymous with being, and as Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe says,  “Less is more “. If you have the skills to create an atmosphere of understated luxury, you do not need to exaggerate, it’s a bit like saying you do not need to shout if you have clear reason. On many occasions my clients ask imaginative creations, there is a thin line where we have luxury, elegance and class, and on the other side, the vulgar, the obvious and bad taste.

What completed project makes you the most proud of?

More than the project, what makes us proud is the process by which we renew our design approach to each new opportunity. The whole team and I are looking to satisfy and impress our clients by offering a unique creation with something special, new and original. In summarizing my work, the Italian spirit is very present in my work, even when I adapt it to foreign clientele. Quality is a cocktail, like the violins of my great grandfather: you must taste, experience, use quality materials, a sense of perfectionism and passion … A lot of passion. All makes me very proud in my work and constantly pushes me to perfectibility. When I look in retrospect, I still think I could have done even better … this is a strength or a weakness.

What do you love about design?

I love all design. It is the vision of the world. It is the passion and intelligence. This is the heart. It is the soul. This is something that haunts all of us and affects us in an invisible manner since our birth. Materials, shapes, colors and combinations. We have the illusion to manipulate and control the design but it is not that.  As Michelangelo said “the sculpture is already in the block of stone, simply release it.” I think the ability of the artist or designer is actually deleting “excess” of material to refer to an object that can be enjoyed by many people as possible.

What are the future trends in the field of interior design?

The last twenty years have marked a period of interior design increasingly influenced by the production of industrialized furniture. Last wave of minimalism, today seems to prevail in the direction that we like to call “eclectic” with explicit references, a stylistic mixture of the late nineteenth century and the vindication of bringing back styles.

Official website:

Extreme Makeover: French Country in the City

renovated living room by Callender Howorth

Jenny Munro had the dream of having an enchanting apartment in Nice where she could enjoy her off-time on the coveted Cote d’Azur.

The distance from living and working in Dubai did not detract her from realizing her dream, although one could easily ask how in the world did she manage to make this all happen?

Going for what you really want

When you enter Jenny’s apartment set in a Bourgeois building in the Musicien’s quarter, you enter a welcoming, yet elegant French country style retreat fashioned with whimsical touches reminiscent of Jenny’s sense of humor and personality.

Taking full advantage of the original high ceilings and vintage French doors, the interior design cleverly combines authentic charm with elegant French noblesse – English Tudor eat your heart out!

remodeled kitchen Callender Howorth

As wallpaper is common for French interiors, a variety of befitting yet somewhat quirky wallpaper from Osborne and Little was used throughout the apartment that perfectly melds pattern, color and contrast and sumptuously deepens the landscape of each room.  And probably one of the only ways to have that beryl blue refrigerator you always wanted!

From a diamond in the rough to WOW

The secret? Going for what you want and equipping yourself with trustworthy people.


Jenny’s apartment shows us the true example of why people fall in love where they live, a reflection of their personality, a comfortable space, a respite in a seaside city that dotes French charm and sunshine. What more is there?

And the fact that Jenny did it all from Dubai, is all the sweeter.

Style discovery with the French Riviera’s Leading Stylist and Fashion Entrepreneur

Mary Fiorin

Born from an Italian and French family, Marie Fiorin has style coursing through her veins. Widely known for her successful styleguide and fashion hub where she shares fashionable expertise by concentrating every appealing style product (20,000 of them!)

Fiorin’s concept of fashion is based on deliciousness in every area of one’s life.  Be it lifestyle, a healthy attitude, professional life or simply well being….the concept of deliciousness is infused into every pore of not only feeling good, but looking good.

As explains, “the mystic of the style of French women is known as being effortless, like you just woke up fabulous.”

Maude styled by Marie Fiorin

French pop singer Maude, styled by Marie Fiorin, on the red carpet in Cannes for the NRJ Music Awards.

While she is not busy building a style for celebrities at the NRJ music awards like French singer Maude, Fiorin spends her time on her new passion her “baby” is creating a new exquisite jewelry collection, that is meticulously designed and handcrafted. This unique art form actually presented itself to her as she was shopping for specific pieces and just couldn’t find what she was looking for. And as she says, “creating something out of nothing” is something she adores, whether it is creating a necklace or building an outfit for a client.

So what does this style diva have to say about looking good in 2014?

Here are Marie’s “goto tips” for being fashionably delicious:

  1. Do NOT follow trends to hard. Try to enhance your OWN style, where you can feel comfortable and stay true to yourself.
  2. The Jumpsuit is your lifesaving “must have” in your wardrobe.  This is your “go-to” outfit in a panic situation.  You can dress it up or dress it down, and is less obvious than a dress if you don’t want to go that route.
  3. Want to make a statement? Big earrings or a big bracelet. Bam!

And just what is the style of the French Riviera?   Glamorous Beach


Elements of Design Boast Big Returns on Niche Investments

One cannot deny the fact that French Riviera has revealed itself as one of the safest places to invest in property. Year after year, French lifestyle enthusiasts buy holiday homes for pure pleasure,  while savvy real estate investors bank on the lifestyle yielding property market brimming with diverse real estate niches. Of course the latter offers one tiny caveat, you have to be able to see it.

While there is no shortage of idyllic sea view apartments and luxury homes along the Cote d’Azur, the ability to be able to see true investment potential is to be able to have a vision beyond the grid. Evolving vintage neighborhoods, old Bourgeois buildings and former Belle Epoque mansions are just the tip of the iceberg. The key concept to capitalize on niche property investments here is to understand a simple underlying fact: people create their own environments.

Mark Howorth, a bold creative in interior design

Enter in London’s bold interior design creative Mark Howorth, from Luxury Interior Designer Callendar Howorth, who not only designs bespoke living spaces in the United Kingdom and the French Riviera, but also has captured the essence of revival and fortitude with his recent complete renovation of a traditional Nicois style apartment in a typical neighborhood off Garibaldi square in Nice.  While your usual person might not have seen anything special, Howorth and a couple of other avant-garde restauranteurs saw a diamond in the rough with the end result being a thriving chic neighborhood with fabulous restaurants, brasserie, and one gorgeous centrally located apartment in the heart of it all, reaping the benefits of a courageous leap forward.

Design Elements

Elements of design serve as the framework that allows one to be more in touch with their world within their context. A well done interior design subtly illustrates this interaction as if it had always been there. You enter a room and the feeling is lightness, comfort, ease….a mirror of your personal world. In essence, interior style is a true art form that provokes the way you want to live your life and what is important to you.

“Creating comfortable and exciting homes on the Côte d’Azur is really satisfying as many places have stunning original features.  Stone walls, vintage fireplaces, Frescos and Nicois tile are abundant and enable me to really work on the character of the space. By adding excellent lighting, modern finishes and eclectic furniture the results can be stunning.” – Mark Howorth

“I did this renovation on Rue Bonaparte last year.  The apartment had not been renovated in over 40 years and it looked very tired and was subdivided into small rooms. I opened up the main living space to create one large open plan living / kitchen and dining area – a perfect place to entertain.  I also completely remodeled the bedroom and bathroom areas to create two bedroom suites with en suite shower and bathrooms.

Purchase price:  420,000 euros – Renovation: 80,000 euros – Upon completion of the renovation market value: 670,000 euros

I hope that you will agree that the before and after photographs say it all…..” – Mark Howorth

Renovation is nothing new. Buying, restoring, and selling is not a new type of investment. What is different though, is the approach. The stance of holistically integrating how we want to live and how we want to see the world. While some people might feel that renovation is just an added expense, understanding the value of true interior design as a part of your property investment as the fuel that will increase your return on investment is the reason why places emerge and evolve…because someone dared to look beyond what was there.

Interior Design: The Elements of Style Revealed

Another dimension in space

Not just a place to stand on.

One of the hottest trends today in interior design is the concept of fashionable floors and wall coverings.

From original Bourgeois style floors in Belle Epoque villas to artistic eye-catching tapestries in hotel lounges, the elements of style and prestige from flooring permeate a unique ambiance unlike no other.

Setting the tone for décor, the floors, like the canvas of a painting, are carefully adorned by the furnishings, art, lighting and accessories to compliment and/or contrast each other to form a complete picture or presence.

On the French Riviera you can still find many Belle Epoque villas and apartments that have retained their original flooring, which has ultimately evolved into a refreshed interior style that harmonizes the old with the new. The combination of well preserved vintage flooring with modern furnishings offer an elegant yet modern look that is authentic and comfortable.


Taking it to the next level.

According to Monaco’s renown floor designer, Fashion For Floors, new techniques and technologies have now afforded the use of luxury materials such as leather and bamboo silks to be transformed into spectacular and stain-proof floors, as well as using authentic materials such as vintage jean patchwork combined with Raphia fibers to create summery cabana style rugs.

Fashion For FloorsTheir philosophy is “Dressing up your floor the same way you dress yourself” and as Flagship Store Director Christophe Bor explains, there are distinct market preferences among his clientele. “Here in Monaco our customers love very soft and lush materials such as Silk or Bamboo fibre in hand knotted rugs as they combine the shine and beauty with the comfort and pleasure of walking barefoot on them.. In our other markets such as Germany this is very different, and tastes vary a lot from one market to another.”

This avant-garde concept has gained momentous popularity for apartments, luxury villas, offices, hotels, as well as yachts and has even caught the attention of the Principality of Monaco who has appointed Fashion For Floors as their official flooring supplier of the principality. Christophe explains, ” In the last few years the floor has finally found its place within the interior design market and is now one of the most important ingredients. In the old days it was almost ” uncool” to have a carpet but now things changed and we are very happy for that change!”

Whatever budget you may have, flooring is an essential aspect of interior décor and comfort. It provides the subtle theme from which to build your interior décor and can be an insipiring foundation for everyday living.

The True Fashionista in You

A Fashionably Irresistible Lifestyle

The French Riviera, also known as the Cote d’Azur, touted as the playground of the rich and famous, second home to the Jolie-Pitt family with neighbor George Clooney and a popular stopover of the Beckham’s, continues to draw worldwide attention as one of the most favored tourism destinations. Whether it’s on your bucket list, honeymoon itinerary or vacation plans, the French Riviera has that unparalleled chic appeal that makes just about any activity in this picturesque region, fashionable. That’s right, I said fashionable.

Your morning espresso and croissant at the small outdoor café near the farmers market with your light cotton scarf, linen pants and woven basket…to die for. Picking out your fresh locally grown fruit has never been so artistically charming. Supermarket what?!

Al fresco’ dining is the scene to be seen. Offering 300 days of sunshine a year, where else can you wear that sleek white summer outfit, don your new Ray Bans, and perfectly harmonize with the perfectly dressed beach restaurant while casually sipping your rose’ wine with your freshly grilled fish amid the celestial blue backdrop of the Mediterranean sea just 50 feet from your table.? So what do you do? You take a picture of yourself of course, and upload that baby on Facebook so all your friends can be jealous your living it up in the south of France!

After lunch, you must relax. So you make a b-line to the beach club to lay back on a cushiony chaise lounge and listen to the dj’s afternoon light mixes and sport your new bathing suit / flowing beach robe combo, incognito of course with your Bridget Bardot sun hat and cool shades. Beach club glam is what it is all about, just ask Rhianna or Paris Hilton…better yet, see for yourself at Club 55 in Saint Tropez or La Paloma in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat.

Craving something new? Nothing beats late afternoon retail therapy, especially in Cannes. So many shops and boutiques and not enough you! Anything is possible, sexy feline, minimal chic, or silky off-the-shoulder unassuming, just depends on your mood and of course the venue. The shoes….just buy another suit case and pay the extra baggage! The hardest decision here is which venue? There are so many parties in the summer months on the Riviera with so many different flavors no wonder the shopping is so good.

Let the party begin, from Monaco to St. Tropez, there is a party waiting for you. There is no shortage of nightclubs, discos, beach club parties, yacht parties, film festival parties, music festival parties, jazz festival parties, VIP parties, late night parties, adult parties, and your own private parties. Dress code obligatory and in full effect, you will see these people again on the beach at some point or on an internet pic gone viral!

Need to escape or get more bang for your buck from your trip to France…leave! You can be sipping your Cappucino in St.Remo, Italy in less than an hour driving from Nice, or hop on an Easy Jet low cost 1 hour flight to Barcelona to have some sangria and tapas for lunch. Perhaps dinner in Paris might sound appealing as well or tasting a new wine cru in Bordeaux. Whatever it is, you can quickly go anywhere from the Nice International Airport making these little side trips so easy.

Just make sure to pack the right outfit.

RUSTIC LUXE: The Best of Both Worlds

A Remodeling Trend Brings Out the True Essence of French Living

One of the latest design trends in the French Riviera property market is the Rustic Luxe type of remodeling for the beautiful vintage Provencal style homes that the French Riviera is known for. A clear advantage of this style of remodeling is that it truly brings out the essence and charm of these Provencal style villas with all the modern luxury comforts to enjoy.

A blend of rustic vintage pieces such as an oversized wooden dining table paired with lush, chocolate brown tufted chairs and a simple white antique water decanter centerpiece filled with fresh white flowers, produces a stylish authentic appeal that is just perfect for these enchanting French villas.

Natural materials such as stone floors and exposed wood beams provide substance and depth to a room while contrasting softly with the other elements in the room such as soft neutral walls, white silk linens and fabrics, or signature furniture pieces. The character of each piece is illuminated and at the same time collectively blends together in a harmonious air that diffuses a warm and cozy ambiance without being cluttered or confusing.

This simplistic design style allows one to take full advantage of all the wonderful pieces that one can find at local antique fairs, farmers markets and shops in the villages along the French Riviera such as St. Paul de Vence, Grasse, Antibes, and Nice. The result is a comfortable living space with unique style that is uncomplicated and fresh and truly personalized.

For someone looking to find that unique French charm in a home, these types of properties are absolutely ideal.

The Art of Living in Belle Epoque Style

Belle Epoque

Known as the “beautiful age”, the Belle Epoque  period (1860-1914) between the late 19th century and World War I was hallmarked by advances in medicine, technology, and innovation that gave birth to a truly aesthetic era where style, fashion, music and art prolifically bloomed and coined the French Riviera as the opulent playground for the high society elite.

The fanciful architectural styles of this creative period, parallelelling the late Victorian and Edwardian periods in the United Kingdom, were diversely influenced by European and non-Eurpoean architects and are still present today as elaborate  palaces with adorned cuppolas, detailed mouldings and intricate balconies continue to shine their exuberance and luxurious exaggeration throughout the Cote d’Azur, from Cannes to Beaulieu. I mean where else would could you properly host Queen Victoria and her artistocratic accolades for a brief winter stint?

The spirt of this optimistic and inspiring era boasting with cabarets, Italian operettas, haute couture, Absinthe-imbued Art Nouveau, and swanky exclusive to-be-seen restaurants and soirees, is what continues to engage so many people to buy and live in these authentically unique type of properties here on the French Riviera.

A romantic style newly inspired

An interesting perspective is the modern adaptation of the style of living in Belle Eqoque-style homes which artistically combines modern pieces, art and lighting entirely transforming these homes into beautiful and unique living spaces.  The serene essence of elegance and charm gently softens out the modern clean lines, shapes and colors resulting in a quintessential harmony of classic and new.

Perhaps it is just the absolute unbelievable beauty of these palaces, chateaus, hotels and villas that allows us to hear the clinking of champagne glasses of those golden days gone by.

Simply enchanting.