2015 Cannes Yacht Festival Offers Mega Expectations

2015 Cannes Yacht Festival

140 New Superyachts Debuting at the 2015 Cannes Yacht Festival

The epitome of true luxury will be fashionably displayed from September 8-13th at the 2015 Cannes Yacht Festival with some of the world’s most exclusive and impressive superyachts in the global yachting industry today.

The most anticipated superyacht this year is the Pachamama, the jewel of an Italian creation by award winning yacht designer Francesco Paszkowsi and Italian superyacht yard Baglietto.  This high speed (33 knots) motor yacht’s design reflects superior engineering, craftsmanship and of course Paskowski’s renown sophistication in exterior line style.

A total of over 550 boats will be on display with the debut of 140 new yachts.For a complete list of the 10 ten yachts to watch out for at 2105 the Cannes Yacht Show, click here.

In a recent market study by Boat International and Fraser Yachts, a total of 223 superyachts were sold so far in 2015 with the most popular being the 24-30 meter category and the most expensive yacht selling at 80M.  

Pachamama Yacht 2015 Cannes Yacht Festival

Pachamama designed by Francesco Paszkowsi and Superyacht yard Baglietto. Source: Boat International

A contrast to 2014 where 412 total superyachts were sold with the majority also being in the 24-30 meter category. However, the most expensive yielded a heftier price tag at over 150M.  

The yacht show season gets underway with the Cannes Yacht Festival followed by the hallmark 25th edition of the Monaco Yacht Show in September 23-26th.

To preview the 5 largest megayachts attending the Monaco Yacht Show, click here.

Two of the most celebrated events on the French Riviera and certainly the ultimate in premiere events of the yachting industry where the beauty of true design meets the art of engineering.